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Client Results

I've had the privilege of working with over 600 awesome clients, conducting close to 30,000 sessions!

Here is a small selection of client success stories.

Success Stories - 1st.jpg

Ashley Harrison

Ashley gained 12 pounds of muscle and lost over 20 pounds of fat and became a national level fitness model and Oxygen Magazine cover model by doing personal training and contest prep with me.

Jennifer Roberge Before After.JPG

Jennifer Roberge

Already an experienced fitness competitor, Jennifer was able to add 15 pounds of muscle and achieve her leanest shape ever and earning PRO status by trusting me with her contest prep.

Nick Geris

Lost over 30 pounds of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle on his way to becoming a professional level natural bodybuilder, earning 2 magazine spreads and a lucrative sponsorship from a major supplement company after trusting me for his contest prep.

Nick Geris.jpg

Sue O'Shaughnessy

Sue lost an incredible 100 pounds, getting back years on her life and gaining whole new levels of energy and vitality at 60 years of age through personal training with me.

Sue Before After.JPG
Client Results: Tips & Advice
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