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Contest Prep

I have had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of competitors towards their competitions in organizations around the world.

Several of them have become professional level competitors, earned magazine covers or lucrative sponsorship contracts from large supplement companies.  Others have simply wanted to fulfill their dream of competing or have used competition to help them set a deadline towards getting in the best shape of their lives.​

Contest Prep: Services

Contest Prep Packages

Essential Contest Prep Packages

Essential contest prep packages include: an initial in-person evaluation, custom meal plans, supplement guidance throughout, customized workout programs, weekly online check-ins, monthly in-person follow up evaluations and priority coaching access 7 days/week.

  • 12 weeks, $1100

  • 16 weeks, $1320

  •  20 weeks $1500

Premium Contest Prep Packages

Premium contest prep packages include: everything that is included with essential contest prep packages PLUS one in-person coaching session every 4 weeks.

Additional sessions also offered at a discounted rate of $60/session.

  • 12 weeks, $1250

  • 16 weeks, $1500

  •  20 weeks $1750

Click the "Book Now" button to schedule a complimentary fitness consultation or click HERE to email.

Contest Prep: Pricing
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